Massage techniques

Manual massage WITH CREAM, OIL and 8D MUSIC

The massage is performed entirely with bare hands using kneading, friction, detachment and tapping techniques. In the decontracting massage, acupressure and trigger point techniques are added.

In some treatments, the stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation is encouraged with delicate pressure towards the lymphatic centers.

Deep mechanical vibration and percussion treatment with devices certified and approved by the ministry of health

Many times in a manual massage session I make use of percussion or vibration devices, which are added to the treatment to obtain results in a short time and with additional competence and professionalism. My devices are also certified and approved in the medical field by the Ministry of Health and illustrious world universities.

Kinesiological Taping and Organic Oils

Taping is a completely hypoallergenic cotton adhesive tape which, depending on the method of application, results in compression or relaxation of the muscular part where it is applied, promoting blood and lymphatic circulation. The oil I mainly use is almond oil Certified pure organic and hypoallergenic. On request I can also use organic aromatic oils.


Cupping is a therapeutic practice of alternative medicine, which involves the sucking of certain anatomical areas of the human body, using special jars, with the final intention of bringing benefits to the individual undergoing the treatment in question.

Auricular acupressure

Auricular acupressure is a medical system based on the stimulation of specific points on the external surface of the ear through magnets or vaccaria seeds for the diagnosis and treatment of pathological conditions developed in different areas of the body, even at a great distance from the ear. This practice places its foundation on a system of correspondences between the external ear and the entire organism.

The treatment can be performed with many different techniques. The most common uses vaccaria seeds or small magnets . Whatever the stimulus carried out, it travels towards an area of the diencephalon, a particular structure of the brain, corresponding to a point of the auricle but also to a specific body area at a distance. In a certain sense we can say that ear acupressure exploits a system of correspondences present in the body and stimulates healing by acting, through this mechanism, on the brain itself.